[Hair] *Drot* -Kyel- Greyscale @TMD (october collectAnimated Gif New (37)
[Beard] +Spellbound+ Monster Beard V3 // All Colours
[Tattoo]{ Speakeasy } Gallows Tattoo TMP (wear me) @TMD (october collectAnimated Gif New (37)
[Shirt] [Pumpkin]See through tee- Black- Type 3 @TMD (october collectAnimated Gif New (37)
[Jacket] ** DIRAM ** Justin Jacket - Black
[Pants] ** DIRAM ** RITCH Pant
[Shoes] [VALE KOER] THE FORMAL ECCENTRIC TMP M @TMD (october collectAnimated Gif New (37)

[Poses] {PM} Lucas 2
            {PM} Lucas 5

[Hat] MOON // Wide Brim Hat // Black
[Hair] !Oleander ~ Oz.
[Glasses] (Yummy) Quinn Frames - Black
[Lipstick] Pink Acid Overly Transparent Lip Gloss - Natural
[Cardigan/Turtleneck] Addams // Thelma Wool Cardigan w/ Turtleneck // Maitreya NEW@ Uber 
[Rings] PUNCI . My Rings Set #3 . 10 . Maitreya
[Watch] Bens Beatuy - Dokata Watch (Gold)
[Chain] Addams // Chain Belt // Maitreya
[Short] Addams // Electra Denim Short // Maitreya NEW@ Uber 
[Tattoo] Infected - Dandelion Tattoo (Maitreya Applier)
[Boots] Addams // Dr. Addams Boots Medium
[Chipmunk] [Black Bantam] Sleeping Baby Chipmunk - Red
The Mens Dept is open! The October collection is now available so please stop by & see what the fantastic creators have to offer this round.

Head and Facial Beard] NO! Head.2015232 - No Ears ( my head custom)
[Hair]  *~*Damselfly*~*Colin Non-Rigged Mesh
[ShadesMINIMAL - Astur Glasses @TMD (october collectAnimated Gif New (37)
[ShirtModulus Fenton Shirt - Blue - L&TMP @TMD (october collect)Animated Gif New (37)
[Tattoo] .Identity.  TMP High Jump [Fresh&Faded] @FashionFair2015Animated Gif New (37)
[Pants+Waist] [ 2byte ] waist shirts jeans M
[Sbeaker] Addams // Dr. Addams Boots Closed - Left
[Longboard] [BUC] "Oh Shit" Sail Longboard

Hey! I'm gonna be away for 7 days because of rl reasons and I'll be away for a while. I hope the understanding of readers and sponsors


Shirley Ansari

TMD events open 5th (october)

[Head and Facial Beard] My Head Custom
[Hair]  Beusy: Thorne Mesh Hair [All Palettes] @FashionFair2015 Animated Gif New (37)
[Tattoo] .Identity. TMP One Story [Fresh&Faded] @FashionFair2015Animated Gif New (37)
[Pants] ** DIRAM ** Jeans_men_m @TMD (Sept) Animated Gif New (37)
[Waist] [AR2 Style] Street Waist Shirt - MAN - Size @FashionFair2015Animated Gif New (37)
[Sbeaker] [Shoeminati] 14X - Last Shot @FashionFair2015Animated Gif New (37)

{PM}  Allan 5
Hey guys, last days of September collection

[Hair] *~*Damselfly*~*Rafe Non-Rigged Mesh Big Pack
[Beard] [IC] Mesh Full Heavy Beard Hipster (Black) Base
[ShirtISON MAN - folded sleeve tee -L- (black star) @TMD (Sept) Animated Gif New (37)
[Tattoo].Identity. TMP Secret Desire [Fresh&Faded]   @TheShowroom
[PantsF.A.T_Slim_Fit_Jeans_Dark Blue_M
[SneakerAddams // Authentic Dunk 7.0 // Left

{PM} Cristian 3
{PM} Cristian 5
Hey guys, TMD to see the new collection of exclusive items from some amazing creators. missing just a few days for closing this collection,

[Hair]  ///BENJAMINZ///BUTTON CAP @TMD (Sept) Animated Gif New (37)
[Bat] [BUC] Bonds Baseball Bat
[Facial Hair] Unorthodox Vicious (C) Facial Hair [mod]
[Facial Tattoo] *Bolson / Face Tattoo - Bowen (Normal) (C)  - Dec. Group Gift
[T-Shirt]  AMERIE M - T shirts(B04)_M @TMD (Sept) Animated Gif New (37)
[Pamts] AMERIE M - Rollup Skinny(Black)M   @TMD (Sept) Animated Gif New (37)                                               
[Flip Flop]  DUFAUX - TMP flip flops - fitted mesh - black

[Landscape]  Soap

[Headphones] [Black Bantam] Whipped Frosting Headphones - Pnk&Blu
[Hair] CATWA HAIR Lazy
[Glasses] (Yummy) Quinn Frames - Pink
[Lipstick] Pink Acid Overly Done Light Gloss (dark) - Barbee
[Top] Addams // Culture Top // Maitreya
[Tattoo] [tattoMania - CHILL OUT
[Belt] Addams // Chain Belt // Maitreya @Kustom9 Animated Gif New (37)
[Jeans] Addams // Lixie Ripped Super Skinny Jean // Maitreya  @Kustom9 Animated Gif New (37)
[Rings] PUNCI . My Rings Set #3 . 10 . Maitreya
[Watch] Bens Beatuy - Dokata Watch (Gold)

[Pose] Le Poppycock *Idle Fancies* Divine (Slurpee)

[Hairbase] Unorthodox Hairbase Return Chocolate @TMD (Sept) Animated Gif New (37)
[Eyebrow] Unorthodox Manly Brows #4 Noir @TMD (Sept) Animated Gif New (37)
[Facial Beard]  >> Aeros Beard Raul << Naturals :: basic five
[Cigarette]  [NikotiN]    Cigarette_ Premium    (v.4)
[Backpack]  Mikunch / Basic Back Pack (Fat Pack)Belt 2 @TMD (Sept) Animated Gif New (37)
[Eyebrow]  ::GB::Riders jacket & hoody / Navy @TMD (Sept) Animated Gif New (37)
[Pants]  REPRESENT - Distressed Ripped Jeans "S, Black"
[Megaphone]  (epia) - Megaphone (add) @TheArcadeAnimated Gif New (37)
[Sneaker]  [VALE KOER] HIGH CARDINALS TMP M @Kustom9 Animated Gif New (37)

                                  {PM} Phunkeeduck - Monorover - Male 2 ( White ) Animated Gif New (37)

[Hair] [monso] My Hair - Chen /Regular Pack 1 @TMD (Sept) Animated Gif New (37)
[Facial] Unorthodox Facial Hair Yoo Black @TMD (Sept) Animated Gif New (37)
[Shades] * S O R G O - AKIRA / Leak (SG)
[Tattoo] .Identity. TMP One Story [Fresh&Faded] @TheBodyModification Animated Gif New (37)
[Outfit] Modulus - Orson Outfit Blue - M & TMP  @TMD (Sept) Animated Gif New (37)
[Boots] [ h ] Patagonia - Men -  Gritty Wheat - Socks -

                                                              {PM} Lucas 5