Hey! I've prepared this post specially for you cuz I'm gonna be away for 20 days because of rl reasons and I'll be away for a while. I'd like to apologize to all my sponsors for this break but as soon as I return I'll be back to work. Wait for more posts in the end of the month. I hope y'all enjoy it and we'll meet soon!

TMD's July round! ( open 5th)

[Hair] *Dura-Boy*61(Black)resize TMD (Jul) Animated Gif New (37)
[Bracelet] [ kunst ] - Lucius bracelet (right) TMD (Jul) Animated Gif New (37)
[Ring] [ kunst ] - Maximus ring (right) TMD (Jul) Animated Gif New (37)
[Sleeve] !Grandeur! DBlue Denim SleeVeless Jakcet (M)
[Tattoo] .Identity. Body Shop - Last Pill [Faded] FamousStation Animated Gif New (37)
[Pants] REPRESENT - Distressed Ripped Jeans "S, Black"
[Sneaker] Flite. -Feezys Right -(Wear) The arcade - Jun
[Bag] FLite. - Tote Bag - Black - Common #2 The arcade - Jun

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Hey guys, this camera coming soon to TMD

[Hair] Wolf[Fram] Silk Job [Addme] Men Only District (MOM) Animated Gif New (37)
[Outfit][Pumpkin]Composite necklace- Male- Fit B Animated Gif New (37)
[Beard] Unorthodox Tuff Beard (Prim) [resizer]
[Outfit] [Pumpkin]Streetwear (classic body fitted) Animated Gif New (37)
[Watch] [ dynasty ] - GMT24 - RGold & Leather
[Ring] ///BENJAMINZ/// -SKY-GAZER - 2  [GOLD]
[Camera] [BUC] Zante Polaroid Camera (WORN) TMD (Jul) Animated Gif New (37)
[Polaroid] [BUC] Polaroid Snap (ANIMATED) TMD (Jul) Animated Gif New (37)
[Boots] 2Real- WINVALLEY  (Male size) Animated Gif New (37)

[Tattoo] .Identity. Body Shop - Last Pill - Event FamousStation Animated Gif New (37)

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Hey Girls!

I am happy to announce that David Cooper is finally opening his inworld store : L'Etrê Skin Shop

4 faces will be released on the store opening, Alexia, Amanda, Sandra and Regina. Six skintones will be available and loud mouth, nyam nyam and sweetlips applier are supported. Also good news for Maitreya Lara owners, appliers are avaliable, too ! The Belleza Body appliers are in the making ! Wow this is not amazing ?!
After so many expectations... now is finally the time!

[Skin] L'Etre Skin Shop - Sandra Skin [Buttermilk Tone]  Coming Soon 
[Hair] CATWA HAIR Leah [Freesize] NEW@ Cosmopolitan 
[Freckles] Infected Body Freckles
[Eyeliner] [THD] Heavy Eyeliner
[Lipstick] Pink Acid Shimmer Vday Lip Gloss - Strawberry
[Earring] Astralia - Sweet Bee Earring 
[Necklace] Astralia - Sweet Bee Necklace
[Ring] !Musa! Flower Pearl Ring NEW@ Cosmopolitan 
[Watch] Bens Beatuy - Dokata Watch (Gold)
[Dress] [hh] Jana Belted Dress NEW@ Cosmopolitan 
[Shoes] [hh] SLINK Solita Heels NEW@ Cosmopolitan 
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[Hair] CATWA HAIR Lazy 
[Lipstick] Pink Acid Overly Transparent Lip Gloss - Natural
[Necklace] Gold_HEART BEATING_Necklace_Short/Long NEW@ Cosmopolitan 
[Dress] Addams // Dakota Dress // Maitreya NEW@ Uber 
[Bracelets] Gold_HEART BEATING_Bracelet NEW@ Cosmopolitan 
[Watch] Bens Boutique - Dokata Watch (Gold) 
[Shoes] Bens Boutique - Vicky Platform Green
[Pose] Purple Poses - Carter NEW@ Cosmopolitan 

[Hair] [INK] Hair___WIND ::Black  TMD (Jun) Animated Gif New (37)
[Beard] Unorthodox Vicious (C) Facial Hair [mod] Men Only District (MOM) Animated Gif New (37)
[T-shirt] AMITOMO.suspender look - T-shirt #1 S (Shadow ON) TMD (Jun)Animated Gif New (37)
[Short] AMITOMO.suspender look - Shorts #3 S (Shadow ON)  TMD (Jun) Animated Gif New (37)
[Suspender] AMITOMO.suspender look - belt S TMD (Jun) Animated Gif New (37)
[Tattoo] .Identity. TMP Real Story [Fresh&Faded]
[Sneaker] Flite. Yacht Shoes - Blue/Tan - Tmp Mens N21 (Jun) Animated Gif New (37)

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